OLTC Poisition Monitors

A3 OLTC Position Indicators is a world leading devices that can work together with extremely large range of the On-Load Tap Changers. A3 UP indicators family contains number of devices, form very simple models suited to solve particular problems up to complex multifunctional devices that can be used anywhere. Using our devices you can get position information from any types of OLTC and transmit it via digital or analog outputs.


  • Wide products family - you can choose device that exactly fit to your system or use same universal modes for different situations.
  • Wide range of input types - Synchro transmitter, Current sensor, Resistive sensor, BCD encoder, RS-485
  • Wide range of data outputs - RS-232, RS-485, Analog current loop, Relay outputs, Block output signal.
  • Highly configurable.

OLTC Position Indicator-Regulators

Position indicators-regulators UP 100 and UP 200 are designed to control OLTC electrical drives under automatic regulation of power transformers transformation ratio. The position indicator-regulator combines functions of voltage regulator and OLTC position indicator. The device can be used at the 35 – 750 kV substations with gradually or abruptly varying load.


  • Combination of regulator and indicator functions results into:
    • multiple enhancement of reliability of OLTC electrical drive operation control
    • additional adjustment settings, emergency diagnosis settings
    • space saving on the control switchboard.
  • may be connected directly to synchro transmitter, resistive sensors, BCD-sensor, Gray-code sensors, corrent loop sensors with 4..20 mA (0-5 mA, 0-20 mA) output or digital Modbus output.
  • The OLTC current tapping step value is displayed on bright LED indicator, this allows Operator to easily read the data on his workstation at any light conditions;

Faulted Circuit Indicators for overhead lines

One of the corner stones of SmartGrid in application to Medium Voltage distribution networks is a fault location equipment. In the century of Efficient Energy and Green Technologies grids become more and more smarter and safely, but there is always trade of between safety and fault location difficulty. A3 wold first FCIs are excellent solution for this challenge.

A3 introduce number of OHL fault indicators: pole mounted (line powered IKZ-1 and battery powered IKZ-21/23) and conductor mounted (IKZ-31 (Lodestar CL25), IKZ-33 (Lodestar CL2) and IKZ-34 (Lodestar CL0.5)).


  • Suitable to use to use in grids with any types of neutral grounding.
  • Ultimate sensitivity for PtG events - can fix faults with currents as low as 0.5A.
  • Directional acting on PtG faults - the only way to deal with PtG in isolated and resonant grounded systems.
  • Flexibly communication types depend on customer requirements.
  • Cost effective solution.
IKZ-K Switchgear FCI

Faulted Circuit Indicators for switchgear

Same as for OHL fault indicators, switchgear mounted ones is very important part of power system. Full featured switchgear mounted FCI is optimal way to increase level of grid observability. Our devices can be used as primary sensor of SmartGrid.

  • Switchgear mounted with different types of cases and sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors can be used in case of switchgears without CT/VT
  • Extreme sensitive for high-impedance PtG faults: down to 0.5A with directional acting

Complex distribution grid monitoring system.

KOMORSAN provides the platform for distribution network monitoring. KOMORSAN data acquisition and processing system is based on increasing number of small, low cost communicating FCIs installed in every section of the network. KOMORSAN allows the utility to control the status of installed FCIs on the map or scheme and can be integrated with other SCADA systems.

  • High usability, works with most of operation system
  • Sends fault information directly to maintenance crews via SMS and e-mail
  • Makes fault reporting to control station by SCADA or own server KOMORSAN