Communication unit Lightbox
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Communication unit Lightbox

Communication unit Lightbox

Solution for Remote Monitoring

We have developed several ways to control grid outage by means of effective and targeted coordination of the maintenance team. The ability to obtain information about current state of the grid in a fast and precise manner is crucial for timely coordination in case of a fault.

The communication unit Lightbox is a reliable pole-mountable solution that work together with mounted Lodestar to provide detailed information about fault events and the actual state of distribution and transmission overhead lines.

Lightbox is the most effective tool for integration of fault information to KOMORSAN SCADA system that has own web interface for dispatcher desk management and notifcations via sms and e-mail. The system can be integrated into any SCADA system using the IEC-104 Protocol.

Lightbox Communication unit benefits:

• Minimal weight and size;
• Easy mounting - simple to position and connect;
• Battery is supplied. No need for external power sources;
• Extra fault indication via blinkers;
• Increased resistance to interference in the radio environment;
• Increased throughput of the data channel.


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